Everything You Need To Know Before Hiring A Painting Contractor

Most home improvement projects require the help of professional hands and the task of painting is among the leading projects. While people might think painting a DIY matter it is one of the worst decisions that a homeowner can make for his/her home.

The job of painting might be literally superficial, but a good or a bad paint job makes a major difference in the appearance and feel of a residential or commercial building.

There are several ingredients that distinguish a good company from the rest of its competitors. These include contractor philosophy, level of service, painting procedures, focus on quality, employee commitment, communication, leadership, and above all experience.

Finding the right painting contractor is perhaps the most daunting tasks of any remodeling project. Knowing the tips to hire the best painting contractor in New Jersey will ensure a smooth running project and provide an outcome that will look great for several years.

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Who Is A Painting Contractor?

A painting contractor is a professional painter, either an individual or a company, who can work as a sub-contractor under a general contractor or work directly for a homeowner. A painting contractor can be a sole proprietor or a group of painters working for a company.

How To Find The Right One?

All painting contractors are local. To date, there is yet to be any nationally franchised painting contractor. While most of these professionals concentrate solely on painting work, some of them perform associated tasks like minor drywall repairs, plasterwork, wallpapering, trim and molding.

Step 1: Compare At Least Three Contractors

Search for reputed painting contractors at various sources and localities like Princeton, Robbinsville, or Hopewell in New Jersey to hunt down the ones that are suitable for your painting needs.

You can shortlist potential contractors either through the grapevine method; at local paint stores; or through various internet sources.

Compare and contrast the services of three or more contractors to help you select the best one out of the list of available alternatives. Any service or claims that sound too good to be true are likely to be unethical.

Step 2: Verify The Insurance And License

Many local authorities and states like New Jersey require painting contractors to have a license to provide such service. Hiring an unlicensed contractor prevents the homeowner from the right to claim any compensation for any promised service that has been neglected.

Reputed and large-scale contractors hold a certificate of insurance and necessary details relating to safety, compliance and bonding information for employees working under them.

Try to hire those contractors that are members of any local or national association.

Step 3: Interview Potential Candidates

Invite and communicate all your remodeling needs to the painting contractor. Put before him a set of questions that you want answered to have an idea of the quality and standard of service that you can expect from him. Frame the questionnaire according to your requirement before scheduling an appointment with him.

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Step 4: Check The Contractor’s Track Record

Even if you are satisfied with the approach of a painting contractor do not rush to hire him. Instead, check the past service record of the contractor. Talk with some of his past customers to have an estimate of the type and standard of service you can expect to receive from him.

Step 5: Take The Final Call

Once you are satisfied with a specific contractor in all aspects, proceed to get into a contract with the service provider. Write down the work to be completed, your budget constraint and the terms of the contract.

Make sure every clause of the service to be rendered is clear and unambiguous to both the parties before the contractor gets down to work.

Why The Painting Contractor With The Lowest Bid Is Not A Good Choice?

Everyone is striving to get a good deal, but a good deal can sometimes be a bad one. While you should be considering your budget during hiring a painting contractor for your home, make sure you make wise decisions.

You might be lured to fall for the lowest bid, but you should actually be running away from such an option. If an estimate is remarkably low than the other, there has to be a reason other than simply a cut in the profit margin.

It is not possible for a painting contractor to provide quality service at a price that is extremely lower than the prevailing market price.

Some of the common reasons attributed to such cut in the prices, apart from compromising the profit margin, are –

  • Cutting corners on the prep work;
  • Using poor quality paint;
  • Not applying the required number of coats of paint;
  • Not paying worker’s compensation;
  • Foregoing the liability insurance;
  • Using undocumented workers.

Princeton painting contractors can save you a lot of time and money while providing a fabulous look to your home. But the responsibility of hiring a good contractor lies on your shoulders. Your decision will decide whether it makes or breaks your house painting project.