Everything You Need To Know About Exterior House Paint

Never underestimate the contribution of a fresh and clean coat of paint on the exterior of your house. It not only provides a new look to your house but also provides protection from the blistering summers, freezing winters, soaking rains and the daily impact of ultraviolet radiation on the walls.

The right exterior paint can complement the personal taste, architectural and landscaping style of the structure and its surroundings.

However, such facilities do not come for free. You need to put in your money and effort to get the desired results. You should select an exterior paint that is packed with pigments, additives, and high-quality resins while providing a clean and smooth look to the wall surfaces. Apart from that, here are some tips from PrincetonPainters.

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Step-by-step Guide Of The Exterior Painting Process

Painting the exterior of a house in New Jersey is one of the most complicated and time-consuming tasks that need to be taken care of at regular intervals. Doing the job by the homeowner himself is nearly impossible. For this, you need the help of experienced hands.

The general steps that are followed by every exterior painting contractor are as follows –

Step 1:Thorough Cleaning Of The Walls

The first and foremost step to a long-lasting exterior house paint is to pressure-wash the walls of the building. This will help to remove any dust or dirt that has accumulated on the surface and ensure the best paint coverage.

The entire process should be carried out from top to bottom in a controlled manner with overlapping strokes for a thorough cleaning.

Step 2: Repairing Damaged Surface

Thoroughly scrutinize every nook and corner of the house for any damaged surface. Depending on whether the surface is made out of metal, wood, siding, stucco or masonry take necessary corrective measures to repair any damages.

Epoxy fillers can be applied to the cracks and holes with a spackle knife. Once the surface gets dry medium grit sand needs to be applied on the surface.

Step 3:Removing Loose Paint

After repairing the damaged surfaces walk around the perimeter of the house to find out any chipped or loose paint.

If there is any, drop cloth is placed on the ground and then the loose or chipped paint removed with the help of a medium-grit sanding block or paint scraper.

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Step: 4 – Caulking And Patching

Before picking up a paint roller, seal up any cracks on the surface, between doors and windows, fascia boards, etc. If the surface is made out of mixed materials, you need to add caulk on the area where the different materials intersect.

Replace fascia boards and wooden sidings that indicate signs of rotting. The door and window surfaces should be gently sanded to create an ideal surface for painting.

Step: 5 – Covering Up Doors, Windows, And Lights

The final step before applying paint is covering up the doors, windows, and light with painter’s tape and plastic sheets.

Step 6: Painting The Exterior

Finally, it is time to paint the exterior surface. Depending on the intensity of the hue one or two coats can be applied. Use a coat of primer to ensure proper coverage. However, this is not necessary when a fresh coat of the existing color is being applied.

Role Of A Professional Exterior Painting Contractor

When searching for the right Princeton painter for your exterior house painting needs you should consider someone who listens to your requirements and after negotiation with the painter, hire them.

An experienced and expert painting professional in Plainsboro will always come up with ideas and suggestions to make your exterior house painting process smooth. He will educate you of the products that will be best suited for your exterior paint job, and the expected final outcome.

Instead of concentrating on the short-term looks of your house he will provide the best color mix that will guarantee a long-lasting finish.

The top advantage of hiring a painting company is that he/she knows best where to find the best products at a cheaper price that will serve your purpose.

How To Select The Best Exterior Painting Contractor?

Whether you are looking to sell your house or just maintain its look and newness, getting the help of professional exterior painters is crucial to doing it right. The following considerations will help you in your search for the right exterior painting contractor

  • Whether the painter contractor is a professional
  • Whether it is the perfect time for such a task
  • The estimated time required by the painter to complete the task.
  • The charges made for rendering such services
  • The past work history of the contractor

Besides being a home improvement task, a quality paint job is also a design statement. You must have some ideas in your mind about how you want your house to look after a complete paint job. But the contribution of a qualified and experienced professional is impeccable to doing the job right in the first instance.