Hightstown, NJ

Get Elegant And Warm House Flooring With Concrete Painters In Hightstown, NJ

When you initially think of concrete flooring you imagine something that is cold and prison-like or similar to an industrial outlook. But you will be surprised to see the results when colors or polished sheen are applied to its surface combined with the plethora of benefits that it provides. Stained concrete flooring has gained significant popularity over the years with its increasing applicability for residential, commercial and industrial projects. From lasting durability to low maintenance and initial cost-savings, this flooring option is complete in all aspects. Additionally, this flooring can incorporate several decorative applications that help in enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the entire space.

Durable And Sustainable With Lower Maintenance

Concrete is considered as one of the most durable materials for flooring with a comprehensive strength of around 5,000 pounds per square inch. But the surface of the flooring is susceptible to various potential dangers such as cracks and scratches. Painting the floor provides lesser susceptibility to conditions such as chipping, peeling, fading and discoloration. Moreover, concrete floor painting is resistant to ultraviolet light making it last longer.

One of the foremost benefits of concrete floor painting is that it is a one-time solution. After that, all it needs is a simple sweep or a mop to keep the floor shining for a long time. Professional painters for concrete paint in Hightstown, NJ are trained to provide such service, especially in high traffic areas where it requires regular buffing or re-polishing.

Easy Cleaning

Maintaining the look of concrete floors in commercial settings is indeed a challenging task. In such situations, epoxy concrete paint has turned out to be a reliable solution. This painting option will help to hide any minor imperfections while preventing the occurrence of stains from chemical spills, oil, grease, dirt or from any other reasons. It provides adequate resistance against mold, slips, and mildew. When the floor becomes dirty, simply rinsing it with water will be enough to restore its bright look. More stubborn marks can be removed using a mixture of ammonia and water.

An Array Of Designs To Choose From

When it comes to concrete paint in Hightstown, NJ there is an endless array of textures and colors to choose from. Choosing a high-gloss shine can enhance the lighting in dark and gloomy areas like the garage and the basement. Along with the paint, colored flakes can be added to imitate the look of gravel or stone. There are also metallic paint options that can offer interesting textures and multi-colored effects. To achieve highly detailed outcomes from concrete painting clear epoxy paints can be combined with stamped overlays.

Need For Qualified Professionals

While there are concrete painting kits available in the market it is better to hire a professional concrete painting company to get the job done. There are several steps required to be followed for concrete painting such as cleaning and etching the surface with special chemicals known best to the professional painter. Therefore, to ensure quality work at cost-effective rates and time-efficient solutions it is suggested to hire the services of expert professionals, especially one who offers a guarantee or warranty for the services rendered.