Montgomery, NJ

Improve Your Home Interiors With Wood Paneling Painting Services, Montgomery, NJ

Having wood paneling at home provides a feeling of warmth and comfort but it is equally difficult to maintain. However, houses filled with wood paneling requires frequent maintenance either in the form of repair, replacement or painting. Homeowners who do not have the budget to remove or replace them should consider putting a coat of paint at regular intervals. It will not only make the dull-looking panel fresh and bright but will also increase its service life for a fraction of the cost.

Should You Go For Replacement Or Paint?

Whether or not to go for wood paneling painting is the most important question that comes to homeowners’ minds. The cheaper wooden veneers that were available in the 1970s definitely require a coat of paint. But with higher quality solid wood paneling the decision gets tougher.

Whatever your decision, you cannot shift to another option once you initiate one process. Solid wood planks have multiple joints that can contract in areas with low humidity and can show up hairline cracks. Therefore, painting them is a better option and cheaper. Although sanding, cleaning, and priming of the wood paneling for painting might seem unimportant, you need to follow every step diligently to ensure that your walls look the best. It is better to seek assistance from professional painting contractors for painting wood paneling in Montgomery, NJ so that every step is followed with accuracy.


Steps For Wood Paneling Painting

When you are painting wood paneling in Montgomery, NJ, you need to follow each and every step with accuracy. Missing a single step can turn out to be costly in the long run. The steps include –

  • Brushing off the surface
  • Applying oil-based primer on the surface
  • Tinting the primer
  • Applying a thin coat of paint

Role Of An Expert Painter

Expert professionals who are trained to provide wooden paneling painting service are capable of efficiently handling the required tools and materials necessary for wood paneling painting. There are numerous benefits of hiring an expert like Princeton Painters some of which are as follows –

  • Face-face communication: Before initiating the painting process, reputed painting contractors schedule an appointment with the homeowner to know about the design preference and goals for the project.
  • Free detailed quotation: Personalized proposals are given to potential clients so that they can choose the most appropriate option that perfectly matches their needs.
  • A wide range of services: Complete wood paneling painting services from initial consultation, cleaning and prepping, priming, painting to refinishing are taken care of by these professional Princeton painters.
  • Cost-effective services: The main goal of reputed Princeton painters is to complete the task in hand at the cheapest rate possible in the most hassle-free manner.

Whether you want to paint an entire wall or simply a small surface area, you can rely on hiring the expert services of Princeton Painters to get the look you desire.