Princeton, NJ

Hire Professional Painters For Painting Paneling In Princeton, NJ

Wood panels have been in use to decorate home interiors for decades. But over the years it has become a bit out of fashion and boring. If you have such panels in your home, you need not remove them. Instead, you can have a complete makeover by painting paneling and that too at affordable rates by Princeton Painters. However, such a task is quite challenging because of its surface and the need for special materials and tools to efficiently carry out the painting process. Although you can do it yourself, it is not at all recommended as it will take up a lot of time and the end results might appear to be sloppy.

Why Should You Paint Panels?

Well, this is a question that crosses the minds of most homeowners who have wooden paneling in their house. You should opt for painting panels because it requires skilled expertise to maintain the natural texture of the wood and the slickness of the paneling after a paint job. If not done correctly, the results can be rather disappointing and ugly.

A professional painter in Princeton, New Jersey will know the essential home hacks such as adding colorant to improve paint adherence to the wood. It is always a cost-effective option to paint the wood paneling rather than spending money in tearing it apart. You will realize the difference it can make in transforming your room from dated to chic once you consult a professional painting contractor for painting paneling in Princeton, NJ.


Role Of A Professional Painting Contractor

Quality painting paneling in Princeton, NJ, would require a fair amount of prep work. For this, hiring the services of professional contractors is a safer choice. Only an expert can efficiently and effectively carry out each step to ensure that your needs and preferences are met satisfactorily, and not disturb the look of your home.

  • A contractor for painting paneling in Princeton, NJ, will first clean the wood surface and prepare it for the next process. They will ensure adequate protective measures because of the various harmful chemicals used in the process.
  • A trained professional will cover up the surrounding areas with painter’s tape such as the windows and ceilings, and detach the switch plate covers that are placed on the wooden panels.
  • Prior to painting the surface, they will clean it with a cleaner or a de-glosser for shiny wall panels. This will provide a protective covering before the paint is applied.
  • A professional eye will be able to detect the minor nicks, cracks, and bumps that are present on the surface of the wood panel before painting. They will then even out the surface with the help of a putty knife and a spackle.
  • Most importantly, they will ensure that the same brand of paint is used as the primer. For the corners and the joints, they will use a brush and rollers for the rest of the wall.

While painting paneling requires an extra bit of preparation, the outcome can be crisp and clean. The textured look of painting paneling is sure to add to the glam of your room. So, get in touch with a professional painter today to know more about painting paneling.