Spectacular Concrete Patio Paint With Princeton Painters

One of the latest coveted spaces in a newly constructed building is the covered patio space. It is the perfect place for the family members and visitors to chat and relax and is definitely the best spot for family barbecues.

Despite the stiff competition from wooden decks, concrete patios are gaining fast popularity as an essential element for the backyard of any house. At present, poured concrete is the most common surface material used in luxury-home construction even ahead of natural stones and concrete pavers.

With a plethora of design options, homeowners consider concrete patio as their ultimate choice for its design versatility. You will have countless options when choosing paint colors for your concrete patio.

Whether you want your patio to be dressed in solid blocks of color or experiment with a bolder look, you can have the best outcome if you have professional painting contractors in New Jersey to assist you in the paint job.

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Few Tips For A Longer-lasting Paint Job

When choosing a color for the concrete patio, you must know that it is the painting process that determines the look of the area and the lasting period and not the paint itself. Trained painter contractors in Hightstown ensure that all the steps are followed in a sequential manner to ensure the best results.

The first step is to clean the surface from any debris and stains. By pressure washing the patio, any stains or old paint drips can be removed. There is a specific technique of pressure washing patios known best to qualified Princeton Painters.

The next step is to remove the silicone fillings from the cracks, if any, so that the paint applied on the patio sticks properly to the surface.

Next is the filling of the cracks. Vacuum clean the cracks to remove any dust and fill the gaps with cry concrete patch. It usually requires multiple coats to get the cracks filled. Professional concrete patio painters know best how many coats to apply to get the perfect finish.

Scrap the surface with muriatic acid so that the paint sticks to the surface properly. Use an anti-skid agent with the paint to reduce the slipperiness.

Consider the application guidelines provided by the manufacturer. Sometimes you might have to wait for the external temperatures to reach a specific level before you can apply the paint.

After that, the desired paint can be applied on the surface based on your choice and preference. But remember to use sealer when the paint job is complete. This will ensure that your concrete patio paint will last for years before you feel the need to repaint it.

How To Prevent Paint From Peeling On A Concrete Patio?

Quite often it is observed that the paint from the patio starts to peel off a few months after application. This might be due to a variety of reasons. You should check whether the floor is releasing moisture leading to such an occurrence.

To check this, you can tape a plastic piece on the floor in an area where there is no paint. If water droplets start to appear after a few days on the plastic surface you need to strip off the entire paint work. Then you need to apply a coating that will reduce the hydrostatic pressure, or you can also use concrete- resurfacing material.

After painting the area, you need to ensure that the paint isn’t affected by rain on water for at least a week. Once the paint gets absorbed into the surface, there will rarely be chances of it peeling off in the near future.

Though this might be something new to you, the concrete patio painter you have hired should definitely know the techniques to ensure a clean and moisture-free application of your concrete patio paint.

Things To Consider When Choosing The Paint

Whatever paint you prefer, there are few pointers that you should consider to help you in your selection for the right paint for your concrete patio.

  • Decide the amount of time you and your family members spend on the patio.
  • The amount of sunlight that falls on the area.
  • Whether you are ready to maintain the floor on a regular basis.
  • You should be willing to hire the services of a painting Company to ensure a neat and clean job.
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A Final Word Of Advice

Whatever option you choose for your concrete patio paint, remember that regular maintenance is necessary for a lasting impact. It is better to hire experienced professional hands to take care of concrete patio painting and its maintenance instead of trying to do the job yourself. It may cost you a few extra bucks but at least you can have a great looking patio at the end of the day.