Kingston, NJ

Why Get Decorative Faux Painting In Kingston, NJ?

From marbleizing to wood graining, faux painting techniques are highly effective in adding color and glam to just about any surface. It is one of the fastest growing decorative painting techniques which imitate the look of various textures and materials using paint. The technique is known as faux because it produces a false impression of any other substance such as marble or wood. It is also commonly referred to as decorative painting or faux finishing. There are numerous painting products, tools, and methods that can be used depending on the surface on which it is to be applied and the surrounding environment.

Types Of Faux Painting

The ability of faux painting to imitate the appearance of most objects makes it a preferred painting option for homeowners. Some of the popular faux finishes include –

1. Stone Finishes

While marble, concrete and bricks are frequently used for interior design and construction stones are a bit heavy for decorating the interiors. Faux painted stones are a great way to get the desired look while requiring less than the original material.

2. Wood

One of the most common applications of faux painting is to mimic the look of wood. For people who find wood to be expensive for their home decoration can simply rely on faux painting to get such a finish. It is effective in matching any interior surface with the existing furniture and similar belongings present inside a room. It also eliminates the possibility of nicks and scratches that are quite common with real wood surfaces.

3. Metal

Gilded walls that are a symbol of royalty can now easily be incorporated in any house with metallic faux finishes and that too at a budget-friendly rate. Whether you want the look of gold, copper or tin for your home décor, you can get it done at a much lower cost with faux painting techniques.

4. Fabric

The aesthetic appeal of rich fabrics like leather, silk, and linen makes them a great choice for walls. But putting actual fabric on the walls would be somewhat impractical. This can be simply substituted when you opt for faux painting in Kingston, NJ, to get the delicate look of fabric with the durability of paint.

Finding The Right Faux Painting Contractor

Locating a painting contractor to paint the exterior of your home is a lot different than finding a faux painter to decorate the house interior. When you have decided to do a faux painting for the interior of your home, you must have come across the various faux painting techniques that provide different effects. Some of the commonly used techniques include combing, color washing, ragging, and crackling. Make sure that the contractor you have chosen is capable of performing your desired faux paint job.

Check the track history of the contractor to know whether he has past experience in doing such task effectively. Get in touch with some of his past clients if possible to know about the quality of service he offers. Once you have an estimate of the standard of service, you can expect from him discuss the payment terms and the time required for completing your task. Remember that by hiring the right painting contractor for faux painting in Kingston, NJ, your task of redecorating your home interiors will be a breeze.